Valkyrie protocol biweekly airdrop update

Hello dear Valkyrie and LUNAtic community,

We, at the Valkyrie Protocol, aspire to build a stronger Terra community and push the boundaries of greater innovation in the Terra and larger crypto ecosystem.

We just want to take this time to thank the Valkyrie community’s support in helping us drive ambitiously towards this goal. As we press on to create a healthier ecosystem, we have previously allocated airdrop supply as part of our tokenomics to Luna stakers, who we believe are the pillars of the Terra ecosystem.

However, the Valkyrie team has been closely watching the behaviors of users holding VKR over the last two weeks. We have seen large wallets who have been largely inactive in the community sell their airdrops, resulting in negative consequences for Valkyrie’s most loyal users. We believe therefore that it is our responsibility to reduce the downward pressure of VKR arising from future biweekly airdrops to Luna stakers.

We believe that this is the best course of action for the Valkyrie community.

In part of achieving our ambitious mission to ensure a more fair system, we will set the following on our airdrops:

We will be introducing a maximum entitlement airdrop cap for the top 1% of LUNA stakers. For all remaining stakers, they will be eligible for their airdrops up to the max entitlement airdrop cap. We believe that this will introduce a levelling of skew, and create a more fair system for all of our community members.

As for the residue VKR that are not airdropped, we will keep it locked up and engage the Valkyrie Community to discuss how it should be used going forward.

We hope that this change will reflect positively on the safety of the Valkyrie community, and we recommit ourselves to the community in ensuring a safer and prosperous future for the protocol.

As always, we welcome any feedback and engagement from the community.


This is a deep thought about the sound development of the ecosystem.


It is really good way to make the community better

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I love the incentivized involvement.

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Very good proposal. Hope the community gets better and better

Really this is great… VKR price pump

I have Luna staked (long time staker - not a large amount), but I did not receive an airdrop after the snapshot was taken on 10/29. I received the original airdrops, but not this 1st ongoing one. Can you explain why?

we need pump <3 go to moon

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Ok, you want feedback…I have some.
It appears you guys are having a go. I would like to help you reach out and get more people. Some of the people you REALLY WANT unfortunately will snub you big time . WHY ? Because these people staked away on Pylon, waited…& whoosh, before their eyes disappeared what they had waited for. I know because I was one. I sent a horrible Email ( regrets regrets & begs forgiveness my precious)…anyway…here is your remedy :slight_smile: I , (if I were in charge here) would send out a heartfelt apology. No need to state why no one got the VKR @ the price promised …we all know. But this apology should be combined with a remedy. ( At least it should appear as a remedy)
WHY ? Because these people were to be the ‘Devotees’ . These were going to be your strongest supporters. Sooo, what I am getting at is ; you have to try and get these people back. Many now swear to never return. So whatever you do with ’ The benefits of being involved in VKR ’ , think about these guys. If you don’t then you don’t understand the average mans thinking and you will miss a large percentage of Luna lovers.
So it is the way you go about advertising what amazing things Valkyrie has to offer & more importantly : who you are trying to get.into it. You only have me because I am forgiving ( & I regretted my abominable Email) :wink:

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I appreciate the transparency and have staked 100% of my airdrop. What about the rewards? Haven’t received any since I staked.

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I appreciate the transparency and have staked 100% of my airdrop. What about the rewards? Haven’t received any since I staked.