No Values showing on Dashboard or Staking

Hi, All my holdings have disappeared from my dashboard, and my total value.
All the value staked in the VKR - UST LP have also disappeared? any help?

Same here, no holdings anymore in my VKR staking, yesterday morning (Europe) all was fine.
Update: just saw that I had to withdraw and then could reinvest or whatever, just clicked on the Astroport link in the right corner

mine disappeared too! WTF? i had 3000 vkr rewards that are suddenly not there.

The same thing happened to me. I checked my account history and none of it has been moved so I’m not sure where it all went either.

Thank for clarifying that. It worked, its all back plus now the astro airdrop :slight_smile:

Are you still having the same issues? @Garydoo @bigtom

Hello @bigtom, I too seem to be having the same issue in unlocking my VKR-UST LP staked in December 23, 2021. I tried unstaking under the ‘Governance LP Staked’ tab - is this the correct location? I couldn’t find the ‘Astroport link in the right corner’ as you mentioned. Appreciate any tips you may have. Thanks. Lester