Pylon Pool Campaign - how to proceed?

The Pylon Pool campaign is at a standstill with under 1000 participants. It is unlikely the cap will ever be hit. What are our options here? Can the campaign be modified at this point? What will happen if the rewards end up unused?

I also think we should at some point have a post-mortem on this campaign from VKR, why it has turned out this way and how we can prevent this from happening in future campaigns.

[Suggestion] there should be a mandatory end of campaigns - if we are talking about what to do with campaign tokens that never got distributed.

We must first ask ourselves the first question 1} did the campaign protocol purchase these VKR to make this campaign possible [ which is suppose to happen per campaign ]

Second - many people will ask for these rewards to be distributed among gov [ which normally I would agree ] Having said that

two possible options we can evaluate

1] Unused campaign tokens from a botched or a lagging campaign - can either remain for the next campaign - or be later used for VKR to achieve Protocol Owned Liquidity to help reserve the price floor of VKR

2] Unused campaign tokens can be additionally burned in the creation of bonus VP passes at which point - it can be brought to vote on which way these additional bonus VPs get rewarded = think campaign but for VKR members itself in a creative fashion to potentially earn these small bonuses

this has been a thought - I will return at a later point after more thought put and research in development of innovative ideas to assist