[V2 Campaign Proposal] - FANFURY IPC


Soon, you’ll be able to participate in another exciting campaign, the Fanfury IPC. As you are aware, a forum is posted to learn what the community thinks about the campaign proposal as part of the V2 new processl. After the forum is posted, it will be motioned to governance for polling.


Proposed Campaign Start Date: April 27th, 2022
Campaign Type: IPC

Qualifying Action:
User who participate in one of the following actions:

  1. Claim a Club: Bid for ownership of a club. The bid is minimum 101 UST
  2. Join/Support a Club: Support a bidder for their ownership of a club. Joining a club means you are staked onto the club’s performance. Minimum support pledge for the VKR campaign is 50 UST

Qualifying wallets will be able to participate in the token sale.

Total Target Raise: 1% of $FURY : 4,200,000 FURY (~210,000 UST)

Token Price: 1 $FURY = 0.05 UST

Vesting: 1 month lockup > 10% initial distribution > 11mos linear vesting (total claimable in 12 months)

VP Exclusive : 3,000,000 $FURY token (~150,000UST)

  • Max purchase amount per user : 5,000 UST / Min purchase: 1,000 UST
  • Deposit : 1,200 VKR (~ 120 UST)
  • VP : minimum 100 VP (~ 145 UST) for entry
  • Additional Rewards: 700VKR

Open Public : 1,200,000 $FURY tokens (~60,000 UST)

  • Max purchase amount per user : 1,000 UST / Min purchase: 100 UST
  • Deposit : 5,00 VKR (~ 50 UST)
  • VP : minimum 30 VP for entry

Sharing Reward: [200 VKR - 50 VKR]

We’d love to get feedback from the community as this goes to governance polling shortly.