VERSION 2 - Campaign Launch Proposal 1

Valkyrie is launching a campaign to kick off the anticipated Version 2 release. This campaign will be focused on walking the user through the Version 2 process of how a campaign is created, proposed and then implemented to launch.

The campaign will highlight Valkyrian Pass. As the Valkyrian Pass will be an integral part of version 2 and act as yield maximizer in the future roadmap, all Valkyrians should familiarize themselves with the use of VPs.

The Campaign Proposal details:

Campaigner: Valkyrie Protocol
Campaign Dates: Once approved by governance
Goal: Learn how to mint Valkyrian Pass (VP) and also learn the new process implemented in Version 2
Reward Pool: 300,000 VKR

Campaign Requirements: Mint 40 VP using 500 VKR
Participation Reward: 1,000 VKR
Sharing Reward: 100 VKR - 20 VKR
Campaign Deposit: 200 VKR

This campaign proposal will now be submitted to governance poll. All Valkyrians should participate in the vote to approve or reject the proposal.

I concur. Excited to see V2.

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