Change in Release of V2

Dear Valkyrians and LUNAtics community,

After Governance Poll #5 have successfully passed, we have started to make development changes and consider implementation strategies for the upcoming v.2.0 of Valkyrie Protocol. The updated version was intended to make campaign creation and participation much easier with little to no time delay, and enhance the user experience drastically.

However, during the final implementation stages, we have identified a potential exposure to a security concern on the blockchain. After careful consideration, we have decided to delay the release of V2 to ensure the complete safeguard of the Protocol and Terra Blockchain, and until the issue has been resolved.

At Valkyrie, the safety of our trusted investors and the blockchain is of utmost priority. We will make immediate measures to revise the development features and implementation schedule, and will come out stronger when we are ready to launch v.2.0 again.

We thank you for trusting Valkyrie, and thank you for the patience as we evolve into a better protocol.

Upwards and Forward,
Valkyrie Team