Valkyrie Protocol - Version 2 Upgrade

Valkyrie Protocol is looking to upgrade to VALKYRIE Version 2 as soon as possible, which will facilitate campaign launches for the betterment of the community, including for projects and for the LUNAtic community.

Current Issues in Version 1:
In the current version, a campaigning protocol/project and the Valkyrie biz & product team need to discuss, build and develop technical infrastructure manually in order to launch a campaign. This creates delays as both parties need to align campaign specifics to launch:

  • Discuss: Details of the campaign need to be discussed offline
  • Build: Campaign specific parameters must be adjusted manually by Valkyrie team
  • Technical Alignment: Smart Contract development, back and front-end build requirements

This ultimately creates unprecedented delays as protocols need to build into the Valkyrie Protocol infrastructure.

Version 2 Capabilities:

With the release of Valkyrie Version 2, many of the current issues will be resolved. Most importantly, the time from campaign initiation to launch will be cut drastically. With Valkyrie Version 2, you can expect the following changes:

  • Standardization of launch process regardless of campaign actions: set campaign parameters, deposit reward pool, deploy and launch campaign
  • Automated streamlined launch process for campaigning protocols
  • Maximum flexibility on setting own Campaign Parameters
  • Minimal dependency on Valkyrie’s project team to provide manual support
  • Front-end / Back-end / Smart Contract development will be standardized
  • Testing requirements will be simplified

What will remain the same?

  • Valkyrie Protocol’s biz and technical advisories
  • Offline marketing with Valkyrie Protocol’s marketing team: Valkyrie Twitter, Telegram and Webpage
  • Current on-chain actions used as triggers
  • Full additional technical support by Valkyrie’s tech team

In conclusion, we will like to propose to the community that v2 be released ASAP. With the new capabilities, the launch time will be cut drastically and campaigning partners will have more autonomy in designing and executing the campaign of their choice, ultimately bringing more exciting campaigns to the Valkyrian Community.

The projected date of release is : mid-end February

This will go into governance polling shortly, and we request your active participation and vote!