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It’s been quite some time since I last decided to post a thread in this forum

As the current state the value capture of valkyrie is more or less “Share 2 Dump” - each campaign sees a slight price buy activity followed usually by stagnation which results in complete loss of usual price gains since durations of campaigns always lag in between.

Valkyrie needs to understand - token has to have a value behind it helping it create a price floor - in this regard if you will be participating with each of these platforms - valkyrie should inherently by design have a way of capturing these platform tokens to help support the value “behind Valkyrie” aka tokens become valkyrie LPs that bring revenue to the protocol in the background

Serious tokenomics discussion should be brought around this share to adopt option


Amen… I like the way you’re thinkin’. Thanks for the awesome input!

I agree here - What options do you think are on the table. I suppose there are two main areas to address:

  1. Protocol adoption, which I think can be improved in a number of ways
  2. token value accrual

Is there something from POL that we can leverage?

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Building powerful Capture Value mechanisms into the token - or development of a “higher yield” Valk product think something like “Liquid Pylon” did with nexus-ust bearing stablecoin

products protocols OWN - can collect fees and revenues from and settle account based on split difference to necessary future products , yield perpetual reserve tacking long term viability for team delivery and development.

products built for Valk in partnership among Defi Applications - x Valk

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