Valkyrie - Mitigate Negative Sell Pressure

Hello the name is Davey

I will keep this short and to the point as one can be.

We must devise action to offset current negative sell pressure - at present even in volatile conditions we are down 15%
As any or all it concerns this does provide necessary remedy to those who desire to continue governance stake of valkyrie - I among them included

In a previous post I mentioned some ideas but since revenues are required to bolster the stability of valkyries governance token

Perhaps - with the recent mention of NFT partnerships - it would somehow be in the protocols best interest to somehow acquisition revenue sources deriving from NFTs - as such perhaps Valkyrie mintings exclusively captured from the protocol and auctioned in some way with proceed revenues being alloted to support valkyrie tokens stability - while also portions of profit can be discussed to fractionals being used to establish perpetual reserves growing over time supplanting proportionate buyback implements

While some fractionals can be discussed to go towards advertisement on additional platforms or announce allocations to angel protocol via media as reputational improvement