LunArt's IPC Token Distribution Scheme

Valkyrians and LUNAtics,

After receiving multiple queries on the LUNArt IPC’s token distribution scheme, we have come to understand that there may be some room for misinterpretation. Therefore, we will like to take this time to be absolutely clear in explaining how you will receive your tokens for the LunArt IPC.

For the LunArt IPC, the campaign’s main time frames has been shown as follows:

Sale Date: February 21 [VP Exclusive] and February 22 [Public Sale]
TGE Date: March 21, 2022
Lock-up: 4 weeks
TGE Distribution amount: 10%
Cliff: 4 weeks

To avoid any confusion and explain in further detail:

All investors should be made aware that tokens will start accumulating for a total of 10% of purchased amount from March 21. The 10% will be linearly distributed over the cliff period of 4 weeks on a block-by-block basis.

On April 18, investors will be able to start claiming their 10% that has been accumulating from TGE. The time of release follows the purchase date and time.

First Claimable Date: April 18, 2022
Claimable Amount: 10% of purchased tokens accumulated from TGE

Afterwards, starting on April 18, the remaining 90% of the purchased tokens will be linearly distributed and claimable over 150days (5 months of 30Days/month). An investor will receive the entirety of their purchased tokens in 7 months from purchase date.

As such, an investor who has participated in the VP Exclusive event on February 21 will receive the entirety of their tokens by September 15, 2022. The end date is subject to change depending on when the purchase was made.

We would also like to note that campaign conditions are always originated from the campaigner, and that as a partner, Valkyrie remains agnostic on parameters and campaign settings.

We welcome any feedback and suggestions over a constructive dialogue.